My Characters (and NPCs)

These are a few of my most recent or favorite characters.
I put them here as a backup and for you to use as inspiration or NPCs.


Current Characters:

World of Darkness, Vampire 20th

  • TADA! (Vampire20, Camarilla Malkavian) - Sheet - Background
  • Mark "Graver" Stone (Vampire20, Sabbat Pander) - Sheet - Background
  • Ba'al (Vampire20, Sabbat Brujah) - Sheet
  • Reaver (Vampire20, Nosferatu) - Sheet
  • The Lux (Vampire20, Sex Club) - Place - NSFW Warning
  • Morigan and L'Fae (Vampire20, Lasombra & Toreador NPCs) - Background - Owners of The Lux
  • Anthony and Histra (Vampire20, Malkavian NPCs) - Background (See the movie: The Only Lovers Left Alive)
  • The Exalted Hotel (Vampire20, Camarilla Elysium) - Place
  • Aggro Tendancies (Vampire20, Sabbat Pack NPCs) - Background

World of Darkness, Vampire Dark Ages 20th

  • Evo Shandor (VtDA V20, Baali) - Sheet
  • Magnus de Spencier (VtDA V20, Lasombra) - Sheet

World of Darkness, Vampire Victorian Age 20th

  • Evo Shandor (Victorian Age V20, Baali) - Sheet
  • Mr. Cofield (Victorian Age Vampire, Tremere) - Sheet

World of Darkness, Mage 20th

  • Michael Eros (Mage20, SoE) - Sheet
  • Bryce Taylor, aka "Agent Poltergeist" (Mage20, NWO) - Sheet
  • Jonathan "The Amazing" Latherby (Mage20, Hollow One) - Sheet, Background

World of Darkness, Werewolf 20th

World of Darkness, Wraith

  • Latherby (Wraith, Dead Magician) - Sheet
  • Fatale (Wraith, Helldiver NPC) - Background - NSFW Warning
  • Pembrose (Wraith, Helldiver Pardoner NPC) - Background
  • Angus (Wraith, Typecast Actor NPC) - Background
  • Walter (Wraith, Trolley Driver NPC) - Background

Chronicles of Darkness, Mage the Awakening

  • Bryce Taylor, aka "Poltergeist" (MtAw 2nd Ed, Mastigos, Arrow) - Sheet

Chronicles of Darkness, Beast the Primordial

  • Warren Holmes (Beast, Anakim) - Sheet

D&D 5th Edition

  • Nox (D&D 5E, Elven Monk) - Sheet
  • Icari (D&D 5E, Human Wizard) - Sheet
  • Kuros (D&D 5E, Tiefling Sorcerer) - Sheet

Shadowrun 5th Edition


  • Kromazuulnilitura (Pathfinder, Gnome Bard) - Sheet
  • Ian Tam (Pathfinder, Human Zen Archer Monk) - Sheet
  • Stodrick the Marked (Pathfinder, Human, Ghoul Sorcerer, Tattooed Sorcerer) - Sheet

of Dreams and Magic

  • Corsuco (Dreamscape Laruna, Mesmulot, Shifter) - Sheet
  • John "Grey Ghost" Pebble (of Dreams and Magic, Shadow Dancer) - Sheet
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