Duguthim: The Claimed

A quick note: This is old and unfinished for nWoD. It was also changed and used as a base for Demon: The Return. Don't expect too much from this one. I might come back to it someday and give it a proper polish.

The Claiming

If a spirit finds a mount sufficiently compatible (and possesses the proper Numen), it begins an intricate, involved process whereby it merges with the mount, body and soul. The length of time it takes for a spirit to claim a mount varies, depending on the strength of the spirit and the resistance of the mount. A few mounts are even willing for the possession to take place, perhaps groomed by a small cult with imperfect understanding of the Shadow. When the merging is complete, the original personality and physical matrices of the mount and the spirit are drastically changed. No longer are they individual entities — now they have fused to become a Duguthim.

Being one of the Claimed is a mixed blessing. On the plus, you get stronger, faster, and gain extrodinary abilities. Unfortunately, your not quite you anymore. You have merged with another and you have changed, both mentally and physically. For some the change is desired. For others, it is "unappreciated".


This Trait represents the extent to which a Duguthim has been reshaped by its merging spirit. With
it a Spirit-Claimed gains extraordinary abilities, such as claws or inhuman endurance, from its Rider.
Each dot in Synthesis represents three things: the amount of power the Spirit-Claimed gets, the amount
of resistance it gains against other supernatural powers, and the extent of physical change on the form.
Each dot of Synthesis grants the Duguthim five points to spend on powers (see below). Several possibilities are listed below; the Claimed may also gain appropriate Merits instead (so a cat-Claimed might become Fleet of Foot), for one point per dot.

Example: A mount newly Claimed by a spider-spirit has a rating of Synthesis •, giving him 5 points which to acquire powers. She develops Inhuman Reflexes 1 (for two points), the Werewolf Gift: Sense Weakness (for two points), and the Merit: Fleet of Foot 1 (for one point). Once the Claimed reaches Synthesis ••, he gains 5 more points. Over the next few weeks, the Duguthim grows fangs (two points of Natural Weaponry that grant a 1 (L) bite attack) that soon are able to inject with a Toxicity 5 poison that does bashing damage once every hour (three points in Poison).

In the case of Aspects with variable levels of power, points gained by an increased Synthesis score can be added to points already spent in a given Aspect. Thus, a player that has already spent two points to gain Camouflage •• may add two more points to raise his character's Camouflage rating to •••• when its Synthesis increases; he does not have to buy the Aspect anew.

Each dot of Synthesis also grants the Duguthim extra dice when resisting the supernatural powers of other entities. When a resistance roll is called for to resist an Influence, Gift, Discipline or other supernatural ability, a Claimed may add its Synthesis score to the dice pool where another supernatural would add Primal Urge, Blood Potency, or Gnosis. For example, to resist the Soul Read Gift of a Werewolf, a Duguthim would roll Resolve + Synthesis.

But there’s a downside, for the spirit must have a stronger hold of the mount in order to grant more power. As it insinuates itself more deeply into the mount, it alters the mind and body to a more “comfortable” fit. The higher the Synthesis trait, the more obvious the changes and the more difficulty the Ridden has fitting in. A Duguthim suffers a penalty to all Social rolls save Intimidation equal to its dots in Synthesis.

Synthesis Table

Synthesis Attribute Skill / Influence Essence Essence Social
Rating Max Max Max per Round Penalty
1 6 5 10 1 -1
2 6 5 11 2 -2
3 6 5 12 3 -3
4 7 5 13 4 -4
5 8 5 14 5 -5
6 9 6 15 6 -6
7 10 7 20 7 -7
8 10 8 30 8 -8
9 10 9 50 9 -9
10 10 10 100 10 -10


The Claimed gain an Essence pool. It can use this Essence to fuel Influences or Aspects, or to heal wounds.

Spending Essence:
• A Duguthim must spend a point of Essence per day to survive. This expenditure can take place at any time of day, as long as it is consistant with the type of claiming spirit (a night-spirit claimed will not renew itself every day at noon). If the Duguthim has no Essence to spend at his appointed time, he begins taking damage at a rate of one point of bashing damage per day (this damage cannot be healed without Essence). The Claimed continues to lose health until he regains Essence or dies (in which case, the spirit leaves the body and goes into slumber in the spirit world).
• The Duguthim can use Essence to heal wounds at the rate of one point of Essence per one point of lethal damage or two points of bashing damage. The healing takes one turn to complete in either case. The Claimed may take other actions while healing. Aggrevated damage cannot be healed in this fashion.
• The Duguthim can use Essence to fuel Influences and Aspects that require Essence expenditure. Each Influence and Aspect has any nessesary Essence cost listed in its description.

Regaining Essence
• They gain one point per day by being in proximity to what their spirit reflects. For example, a Duguthim claimed by tree spirit gains a single point per day when he stays near a physical tree. Obviously, the Claimed can earn only as much as it needs to stay alive in this fashion.
• Once per day (per source) the Duguthim may try to draw Essence from an appropriate source by rolling its Presence + Wits (+ Locus Level, if the source has one), as affected by the local Gauntlet Strength. (It can sense such a source automatically up to one mile away.) The number of successes indicates the number of points of Essence gained. An appropriate source for a Duguthim with the Influence of murder might be the site of a killing, while a Duguthim of fire might seek an industrial furnace. The object or place is not affected by the Duguthim’s drawing of sustenance. For example, the flame upon which a fire Duguthim feeds is not dampened when he takes his spiritual nourishment.
• The Duguthim may barter for additional Essence from other Duguthim, spirits and werewolves.
• The Duguthim may attempt to steal Essence from another Duguthim, spirit or werewolf by making a contested roll of its Presence + Wits against the target’s Presence + Resolve (Power + Resistance for Spirits). If the attacker wins, the number of successes indicates the number of points of the target’s Essence that are siphoned by the attacker. If the target is a spirit and all of its Essence is stolen, the victim spirit falls into slumber (see Spirit Consumption). If the target wins, it gains a number of points from the attacker’s Essence equal to the successes scored for it.

A Duguthim can consume Essence with any resonance quality they like, but Essence with a resonance that doesn't match any of his influences "tastes bad" to the Duguthim. In general, Essence bearing an incompatible resonance gives only half the nutrition. Essence that’s directly detrimental or opposed to the Duguthim’s own nature, such as a war-spirit Claimed attempting to feed on Essence touched by resonance of contentment, might provide even less “nutrition”. After enough incompatable Essence is consumed, it can affect the Duguthim’s very nature. A starved Duguthim that has no Essence to feed on but that is affected by disease resonance eventually becomes partly disease-spirit Claimed, and perhaps even metamorphoses into a true disease-spirit Claimed over time.

For example, a Duguthim claimed by a tree-spirit absorbs several points of electrical Essence. After absorbing enough, his Influences begin to change. He looses some of his Influence in trees and gains some in electricity. Game mechanics: If the Duguthim consumes enough Essence to fill his pool, it affects his Influences. If the Claimed whith an Essence pool of 10, an Influence of Trees •• and no Influence of Electricity consumes 20 points of electrical Essence (one-half of 20 is 10 Essence gained, because it is incompatable), he would then transform one of his two dots in his Influence of Trees into one dot of Electricity. Duguthim rarely want to change their nature. But sometimes, it is difficult to find the Essence desired resulting in a change. If a player has his character consume an Essence that does not resonate with one of his Influences, the player should keep track of the type and quantity of the Essence. One point of recorded incompatable Essence goes away with each point of compatable Essence consumed afterward, as the Duguthim re-establishes his own nature. The safest thing for the Duguthim to do is to be a picky eater.

Under no circumstances does an existing Influence increase simply due to the Duguthim's diet. Once the Claimed gains that first dot in an Influence, continuing to feed on that type of Essence has no additional effect on the character's Influences. Normally, a player will not want to transform a dot of one Influence into another. This transformation only creates an Influence with 1 dot. Unfortunatly, most of the time it does so by lowering a multi-point Influence by one. Most players do not want to change a rank 4 influence into a rank 3 just to gain a different rank 1 Influence. The "best deal" for the transformation is when a seldom used rank 1 Influence is changed into another more desired rank 1.

Stepping Sideways

The Claimed, as creatures of both worlds, can step sideways in a locus’ area of influence by rolling Intelligence + Presence as werewolves do.

Modified Advantage: Psyche (Morality)

Duguthim are human and spirit merged into one. The mearging takes time to complete. Sometimes it is quick and sometimes it is slow. And sometimes, the person is able to fight back and never be taken over. The part of the person that fights back is called the Psyche. The spirit can urge its mount into doing things. Things the person may not want to do. Psyche is what is used to fight back the urges.

Psyche is also used to resist the Duguthim's ban (see: Bans). Whenever the player wishes for his character to resist a compelling ban, he rolls the character's Psyche pool. Each success indicates the number of rounds the Duguthim can resist the ban before needing to roll Psyche to resist again. Zero successes means that he can no longer resist the ban. The character's Psyche rank is also the max dice pool available to the Duguthim for any dice pool when he is acting against a restrincting ban. (see: Bans)


"Urges, urges. These restless urges. He don't wanna talk about. Urges, urges. Can't stop the urges.
Lock them out." - Urges, by Thomas Dolby

Most spirits that claim a mount are content to sit back and enjoy the ride. They rarely interfere with what the mount (the character) wants to do. But, when they do want to do something, the mount usually does it. Most of the time thinking that it was his idea to do it. When the spirit wants to do something that conflicts with the mount's judgment, there is conflict and the mount attempts to resist. Sometimes the mount wins, othertimes the spirit.
Game Mechanics:
The Storyteller determines when the spirit is motivated into urging it's mount. The trigger usually has something to do with one of the Duguthim's influences, or something that opposes one of the influences.
If the player wishes for his character to resist the urge, he rolls his character's Psyche rating (subtract one die if the urge is in line with the character's virtue or vice). One success is all that is required to resist the urging of the spirit. Willpower may be spent for three extra dice on this roll.
Troy's character, Sparky, has been claimed by a flame spirit. While walking down the hallway of the hotel he is staying at, Sparky sees a firehose in its box on the wall. The storyteller informs Troy that Sparky feels the urge to disable this device that could be used to put out fires. Troy is worried that someone might get hurt if he tampers with the hose, so he rolls his character's Psyche, garnering zero successes. Sparky pulls out his pocket knife and cuts the hose off near the spicket, making sure that it still looks connected.


Like spirits, Duguthim have bans — specific weaknesses that can affect their behavior or rob them of a portion of their might. A ban might prohibit a code of behavior, temporarily keep the Claimed from using its Influences, or even make it vulnerable to attack. Bans consist of a stimulous, reaction and resistance. The stimulous is the trigger, usually an object or condition. It can also be in effect all the time. Meaning the stimulous is always active. Reactions can be compelling or restricting. Compelling reactions require the Duguthim to preform some action when confronted by the stimulous. Restricting reactions prevent him from preforming an action. The third part of the ban is how it is resited. The ban's reaction type stipulates the way it is resisted. Some bans can be resisted over a long term, while others are resisted for only a few moments. Compelling reactions can be resisted by rolling Psyche rank, each success allows the character to resist the action for one round. Restricting reactions limit die rolls to the character's Psyche rank.

Creating your own bans:
The player and storyteller are encouraged to work together to create a ban that is well suited and fair for the character.

Here are some example bans:
• Cannot attack anyone unless they are provoked. Attacking unprovoked limits all dice pools to Psyche rank for remainder of the scene.
• Must solve any puzzle or riddle presented. Roll Psyche to resist. Each success is one round that the ban can be resisted.
• Cannot deal with anyone wearing silver.
• Cannot function well in daylight. All dice pools are limited to Psyche rank while in daylight.
• Must retreat from fire.

Some of the above examples are stronger bans than others. Bans should increase in proportion to the characters Synthesis rating, or multiple bans should be gained as a character's Synthesis increases.


No matter what kind of spirit is claiming the Duguthim, it has some origin. The Family that a Duguthim belongs to is part of his heredity. His lineage. A lion-spirit Claimed will always have the lion as a part of him, no matter how much he changes due to his new pursuits in bladed weapons. There are five different Families that a Duguthim could be from: Naturals, Artificials, Elementals, Celestials and Conceptuals.

By far the most abundant Claimed are the Naturals. Duguthim from the Family of Naturals are the plant, animal and insect spirit Claimed. The living world that exists even without man's influences.
Ban: The fear of fire is seated deep within all naturals.

Man made objects quite often have awakened spirits inside them. Vehicle, building and tool spirits that choose to claim a mount are very common since they have worked with humans their entire existance.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water,



Duguthim organizations

The Guild: A group that is dedicated to using their abilities to the betterment of the world. Younger members call it "The Justice League".

Travelers: Wander around. Members gain the merit "Wander Sign".

The Hierarchy: This Order follows the spirit ways most. Using the rank names from the spirit relm.
• Squire or Page
•• Knight
••• Baron/Baroness
•••• Count/Countess
••••• Marquess/Marchioness


Small groups of Duguthim that gather together out of friendship or a common goal.

New Merits

Fettered Object (Variable Level)
Similar to the Werewolf “Rite of Dedication”. The Duguthim is able to extend his Essence into an object. This object can be clothing, weapons, or equipment. Size affects how many points are required in the merit. The Duguthim can “Step Sideways” with the object and it will change with the Duguthim’s body if it changes (ex: using the Aspect “Liquify”). Very usefull for those Duguthim that don't like to go around naked.

Locus (Variable Level)
The Duguthim actually posesses a Locus. This Locus can be part of a Sanctum or simply one that only he knows about. With this Locus, the Duguthim is able to regain Essence much easier. Once per day, the Duguthim can roll Presence + Wits + this rank in Locus. Each success regains the character one Essence point (not to excede his normal Essence pool). A locus generates a number of points of Essence equal to its level x 3 per day, all with resonance that matches that of the locus. Unfortunately, Loci tend to attract many spirits, and the Duguthim may have to defend his territory often.

Rank (Variable Level)
This is not the same rank that the spirit had before the claiming. This rank has to do with the Duguthim's status in his Order. Each Order has its own ranking system, but more dots in rank equal a higher rank in all Orders. A Duguthim does not need to have any dots in Rank for his chosen Order. With a rank of zero, the Duguthim is considered an initiate with no autority. Think of it as being a pledge to a fraternity. Rank is not truely recognized between Orders. Some Orders may acknowledge another Order's ranks, but a high rank in one Order usually only puts you barely above rank zero

Sanctum (Variable Level)
Size, Security, and Location. Location represents how close it is to an Essence supply. For a predatory Duguthim, it is close to good hunting grounds. For an anger or murder spirit, it could be close to the edge of rival gangs at war with each other. The posibilities are as endless as the spirits that make up Duguthim.

Wander Sign (•)
Used by the Travelers to mark locations and send messages. Much like the sigils that hobos and panhandlers use to know where to get a free meal or where the law is too strict. This merit is automatic for members of the Order "Travelers".


The Claimed may gain certain supernatural powers as the spirit reshapes the mount’s bodies. These powers are commonly called Aspects, as they represent aspects of the spirit itself — a snake-Ridden that gains a poisonous bite is simply manifesting one of the aspects of a serpent.
Each Aspect has a level and a prerequisite.

Enhance Attribute (• to •••••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis •
This Aspect allows the Duguthim to temporarily increase the rating of the associated Attribute by the Aspect rating. By spending an Essence point, the Duguthim increases an Attribute by his rating in the Aspect for one scene. The Attribute is selected when the Aspect is purchased. This Aspect can be purchased multiple times. Each time relating to another Attribute. Example: Janes's cat-spirit claimed character, Felicia, has the Aspect "Enhance Dexterity" at 3. By spending one Essence point, while her character is falling off of the roof of a tall building, she increases her characters Dexterity from it's normal rating of 4 to 7 for the scene. Just in time for her to grab that flagpole sticking out of the side of the building. Jane can also buy "Enhance Stamina" to do the same with her character's Stamina in case the next time there is no flagpole.

Converse (•••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis •
The Duguthim can speak with the sleeping or awakened spirit of an object, plant, or animal. The spirit must be one of a kind that the Duguthim is attuned to (i.e. have an Influence that is associated with) for there to be any affect.

Sense Essence (••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis •
The Duguthim is able to sense compatable Essence in creatures or places (Duguthim, Spirits, Werewolves, Loci). Note: The Duguthim need not sense the Essence to take it.

Wings (••••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis ••

Multiple Eyes (••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis ••

Horns (•••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis ••

Fiery Blood (••••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis •••

Shroud of Flames (•••••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis ••••

Body Spikes (•••)
Prerequisite: Synthesis ••


All Duguthim have an ability to influence the thing that gave their spiritual side existence. As
they increase their rank in an Influence, they can then manipulate or even create such things. Most Duguthim have only the Influence that most directly corresponds to their own nature. A Duguthim of wrath usually has the Influence: Anger.
Each use of an Influence requires an Attribute + Skill + Influence roll and the expenditure of one (or more) Essence. Extended rolls are possible, by paying Essence cost for each roll. Synthesis rating is maximum number of rolls for an extended action.
When a Duguthim attempts to use an Influence to affect the emotions or thoughts of a sentient being (Sleeper, mage, werewolf, vampire or the like), the roll is contested. Resolve or Composure is rolled for mortals, whichever is higher, to resist. Supernatural beings, which are harder to affect with simple Influences, may resist with Resolve or Composure + the appropriate supernatural trait (Gnosis for mages, Primal Urge for werewolves and Blood Potency for vampires).
The following are powers that derive from the levels:

• Strengthen:
The Duguthim can enhance its sphere of influence: make an emotion stronger, an animal or plant healthier, or an object more robust (gaining an extra point of Health or Structure per Synthesis rating of the Duguthim, for example). These changes usually last for one minute per success. The cost is one Essence.

•• Manipulate:
The Duguthim can make minor changes within its sphere of influence: slightly change the nature or target of an emotion, or make minor changes to an animal’s actions, a plant’s growth or an object’s function. These changes normally last for up to 10 minutes per success. The cost is two Essence.

••• Control:
The Duguthim can make dramatic changes within its sphere of influence: twisting emotions or dictating an
animal’s actions, a plant’s growth or an object’s function. At this level the Duguthim can also use his Influence to damage a creature or object directly. The changes can last for up to 10 minutes per success. If used to harm, successes count for damage not duration. The cost is three Essence.

•••• Create:
The Duguthim can create a new example of its sphere of influence: create an emotion, create a new sapling or young plant, or create a young animal or brand new object. The creation normally lasts for up to one minute per success. The cost is four Essence.

••••• Mass Create:
The Duguthim can create multiple examples of its sphere of influence: it can trigger its emotion in multiple people, create new copses of trees, small groups of animals or multiple identical items. The cost is five Essence. A number of subjects equal to the Duguthim's Synthesis rating come into existence. The creations usually last for up to one minute per success. Alternatively, the Claimed may create one instance of its sphere of influence permanently (although a Duguthim cannot permanently alter the mindset of a sentient being).

•••••• Spanning Creation:
Same as Mass Create, but larger effect.
A number of subjects equal to the Duguthim's Synthesis rating multiplied by his Influence rating come into existence. Alternatively, the Claimed may create his Synthesis rating in instances of its sphere of influence permanently (although a Duguthim cannot permanently alter the mindset of sentient beings).
••••••• Conversion:
•••••••• Alchemy:

Changes made through Influence are usually temporary. A Duguthim with sufficient Influence can increase the duration of the effect to a level based on the difference between the Influence score necessary for the effect and the Duguthim’s total Influence dots. See the following table. The level of the effect and the level of potential duration are added together to determine the Influence required. For instance, a Duguthim with with an Influence rating of 3 in fear could use a Strengthen effect lasting for one hour per success (at the cost of two Essence), a Manipulate effect lasting for 10 minutes per success, or a Control effect that lasts only one minute per success. The Duguthim need not use the Influence power to its utmost ability. The Duguthim with an Influence rating of 3 in fear could use the Strengthen effect with a lower duration, such as one minute per success. Unless noted otherwise, a Duguthim can dismiss the effect of any of his Influences at will.

Level Duration
o One minute per success. No additional Essence cost.
• Ten minutes per success. No additional Essence cost.
•• One hour per success. The cost is one additional Essence.
••• One day per success. The cost is two additional Essence.
•••• Permanent. The cost is two additional Essence.

Influence Examples:
Animals (Examples: Birds, Dogs, Sharks, Etc.)
Plants (Examples: Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, Weeds, Etc.)
Insects (Examples: Cockroaches, Houseflies, Worms, Butterflies, Spiders, Etc.)
Buildings (Examples: Stores, Houses, Sky Scrapers, Etc.)
Vehicles (Examples: Cars, Trucks, Trains, Airplanes, Boats, Tanks, Etc.)
Objects (Examples: Hammers, Guns, Computers, Armor, Etc.)
Air (Examples: Clouds, Wind, Storms, Smog, Whirlwinds, Etc.)
Fire (Examples: Ash, Smoke, Flame, Heat, Etc.)
Earth (Examples: Precious Minerals, Stone, Dust, Dirt, Etc.)
Water (Examples: Rain, Lakes, Fog, Snow, Etc.)
Virtues (Examples: Individual Virtues from the core WoD rulebook)
Vices (Examples: Individual Vices from the core WoD rulebook)
Light (Examples: Moonbeams, Daylight, Heat, Firelight, Electric Light, Etc.)
Dark (Examples: Shadows, Cold, Gloom, Etc.)
Emotions (Examples: Anger, Love, Fear, Happiness, Etc.)
Idealogicals (Examples: Night, Murder, Swarms, Karate, Etc.)
Reactionaries (Examples: Pain, Hunger, Thirst, Etc.)

Example: Influence of Animals (Birds).


Common uses for Influences

Animal Inspirations:

Level 1

Augment Animal
Used to increase the physical Attributes of an animal.
Spend 1 Essence and roll Resolve + Animal Ken + Influence.
The increased Attributes will last one minute per success.Physical attributes total increase is equal to the Duguthim's Synthesis rating (i.e. If the Duguthim has 3 dots of Synthesis, he can increase each physical attribute by one or one attribute by three). Unfortunatly, none of the animal's Attributes may increase above the Duguthim's personal Attribute max that is based on his Sythisis rating (see: Sythisis) Note: The animal's Health rating can be affected by this Attribute increase.

Level 2

Animals will follow simple commands, even if they have not been trained. Example commands: stay, sit, come here, attack, fetch. Domesticated animals, like dogs, cats and horses can follow more complex commands like "Bring me the keys to the jail cell". The animal will not risk its own life to follow a command.
Spend 2 Essence and roll Manipulation + Animal Ken + Influence.
The animal will continue to preform the command until it has finished or for 10 minutes per success.
Note: With 3 ranks in the Influence, the selected animal type does not have to be domesticated to follow complex commands. With 4 ranks, the animal will lay down its own life for the Duguthim. If the Duguthim has 5 dots in the Influence, the animal can preform extreamly complex commands, as long as it is physically capable of performing the action, it will.

Heal Animal
No roll is neccesary.
Spend 1 Essence per 2 levels of bashing or 1 level of leathal damage to be healed on the animal.

Level 3

King Kong
These giant animals aren't just limited to gorillas. The Duguthim can enlarge a mouse to the size of a horse if he is so inclined.
Spend 3 Essence and roll Stamina + Animal Ken + Influence.
Unlike normal Influence rolls, successes are divided up between durration and size increase. Each success used for size is multiplied by the Duguthim's Synthesis rating. The result is the enlarged size rating. Example: Increasing a mouse to horse size (a size rating of 6) can be done with a Synthesis rating of 2 and 3 successes (2 x 3 = 6). Each point of size increase give an additional point to either the Strength of Stamina Attribute. Example: The mouse increasing from size 1 to size 6 gains 5 points to divide among its Strength and Stamina. However, due to the size increase, the animal's Dexterity is reduced to one-half its normal rating rounded down (min. of 1) as the animal is not used to this new size. Note: The level 1 "Augment Animal" can still be used to return lost Dexterity and/or further increase the animal's Strength and Dexterity as normal.

Bounce of the Newborn Cub
Used to increase or decrease the maturity level of an animal. An old dog could return to a pup, or a baby tiger could grow to adulthood.
Spend 3 Essence and roll Wits + Animal Ken + Influence.
Successes are divided among durration and number of steps in maturity.
Age Ranks:
1 Newborn
2 Adolecent
3 Young Adult
4 Adult
5 Middle Aged
6 Elderly
It would take 5 success to turn an old dog back into a pub, but only 3 to age the tiger to an adult version. Attributes change to the normal for an animal of the new maturity level. Note: Feeding is the imediate concerns of an animal that is matured in this fasion, so be sure to have something on hand for it to eat, or get out of its way.

Level 4

Not as messy as it sounds. The Duguthim does not actually give birth to an animal, but does produce a newborn from solidified Essence. The Essence draws forth from the Duguthim no more than a few feet away to form the new life. The animal then grows to maturity. An animal created this way automatically obeys the wishes of the Duguthim that created it as if he were using the Level 2 Inspiration "Obediance".
Spend 4 Essence and roll Presence + Medicine + Influence.
Successes are divided among durration and size/maturity. Animal's size cannot be increased above normal for an animal of its type and age (use level 3 to enlarge). Use the Age Rank table from "Bounce of the Newborn Cub" to determine maturity level. Example: With only 2 successes, a Duguthim cannot create a full grown grizly bear, just a cub (Adolecent). These childern of the Duguthim are short lived, lasting only one minute per success spent on durration. The animal returns to the ether after its short life is over. Leaving no body behind.
Note: With level 5 (and the expendeture of an additional Essence point), the "child" can be made to live a normal lifespan for its type, rather than the cruel 1 minute per success of level 4.

Level 5

Like the level 4 version "Birthing", but produces more animals.
Spend 5 Essence and roll Presence + Medicine + Influence.
Successes are divided among durration and size/maturity. A number of animals are created equal to the Synthesis rating of the Duguthim. Each animal matures to the same age and lives the same durration.

Plant Inspirations:

Level 1

Thicken Foliage
Trees can be made to grow more leaves and branches. Flowers bloom more buds. A rasberry bush produces more berries.
Spend 1 Essence and roll Intellegence + Science + Influence.

Level 2

Impeede the Interloper
Mainly used with trees, this Inpiration is used to hinder the movements of an adversary. The trees just always seem to be in the way.
Spend 2 Essence and roll Wits + Survival + Influence.
The effect lasts 10 minuets for each success. The Duguthim's Synthesis rating is subtracted from anyone's dice pool that is trying to track or find the Duguthim. Note: This Inspiration will have no effect if the related plant is not present. If someone is following you through a corn field, you would need Influence (Corn) not Influence (Roses).

Level 3

A tree uproots itself and bashes your enemies. A Vine entangles your foes. The grass ties the shoelaces together of the guy pointing a gun at you. An animated plant can be a great friend to have in a fight. They feel no pain and are rarely suspected of doing anything.
Spend 3 Essence and roll Presence + Persuasion + Influence.
Plant is animated for 10 minutes per success. The animated plant has a dice pool equal to the Duguthim's Synthesis for performing actions. The plant can uproot itself with the expenditure of an additional point of Essence. However, the plant will need to be replanted (which it can do itself if the durration has not expired). The plant can only perform simple actions. With level 4, the plant can do more complicated actions. And at level 5, it can accomplish very complicated actions.

A seed can be made to grow into a full grown plant in a snap. Or a flower can be reduced back to a bulb.
(see the "Bounce of the Newborn Cub" Animal Inspiration)
Imagine carrying around an acorn instead of a ladder to get into that second story window.
Age Ranks:
1 Seed
2 Sprout
3 Sapling
4 Well Grown
5 Ancient

Level 4

Plant Seed
(see the "Birthing" Animal Inspiration)
Base age is "Seed" (See the level 3 Inspiration "Fertilize")

Level 5

Planting Season
(see the "Litter" Animal Inspiration)
Base age is "Seed" (See the level 3 Inspiration "Fertilize")

Insect Inspirations:

Level 1

Augment Insect
(see the "Augment Animal" Animal Inspiration)
You might need a hammer instead of a flyswatter to take care of some of these guys.

Level 2

Lord of the Flies
(see the "Obediance" Animal Inspiration)
Most insects are not able to do much more than anoy an individual. Poisonous species can do more than simply anoy. Insects can only follow simple commands at level 2. No matter what type of insect it is.

Level 3

Attack of the Giant Spider
(see the "King Kong" Animal Inspiration)

Larval Growth
(see the "Bounce of the Newborn Cub" Animal Inspiration)
Insects to not have many different levels to their maturity due to their short lifespan.
Age Ranks:
1 Egg
2 Larva
3 Adult

Level 4

(see the "Birthing" Animal Inspiration)
Base age is "Egg" (See the level 3 Inspiration "Larval Growth")

Level 5

(see the "Litter" Animal Inspiration)
Base age is "Egg" (See the level 3 Inspiration "Larval Growth")

Building Inspirations:

Level 1

Fortify Door

Level 2

Unlocks a door or window.

Bar the way
Locks door or window so that nothing short of brute force will open it.

Level 3

Floor #13
Through manipulation of the existing floors and/or walls, the Duguthim is able to carve out a hidden room or rooms that is inaccessable through normal means (although a chainsaw or axe could probably do the trick). This room (or rooms) is not in some extra dimensional space or anything like that. In fact, with a successfull Wits + Investigation roll (subtract the Duguthim's Synthesis Rating as a modifier), a person will be able to notice that something is amis.
Spend 3 Essence and roll
The hidden room will last 10 minutes per success, before returning to normal.

Secret Passageway

Level 4

Was that door always there?
When a Duguthim creates something from its sphere of influence, it does not need to create the whole thing. Just because a Duguthim with an Influence of Rabits normally won't produce a rabbit's foot, doesn't mean a Duguthim with an Influence in Buildings wouldn't create a door, wall or stairway.

Level 5

Blended Inspirations

Common Combinations of Influences

Spirit Consumption

When stealing Essence from a spirit (or another Duguthim), the Duguthim has a chance to consume the spirit itself (or claiming spirit). Once all of the spirit's Essence is taken, it falls into slumber. For a short moment (about 1 round) the spirit is vulnrable to consumption. If the player choses to have his character attempt consumption of the spirit, he must act quickly (within the round the spirit begins to enter slumber). If he waits any longer, the spirit will discorporate and get away. Consuming a spirit requires a Presence + Wits roll on the part of the player. This is an extended action. A number of successes must be accumulated equal to the Willpower dots of the Spirit being consumed. Each roll represents one turn of effort. Attempting to consume a spirit has a limit of rolls equal to the Duguthim’s Willpower dots. If the required successes haven’t been accumulated in that many rolls, the spirit is just too potent or resistant and cannot be consumed. The spirit discorporates and reforms somewhere in the spirit realm, instead. A player may not spend a Willpower point on the roll to consume a spirit, nor do any augmentations of his character’s Attributes (through Essence expenditure, Aspects or mystic artifacts) apply. Only the character’s natural Resolve and Stamina are relevant.

Dramatic Failure: The spirit wrenches free a moment before its consumption, inflicting horrific trauma on the mind of the Duguthim. The Duguthim suffers Psyche loss (see below) and gains an appropriate derangement of the Storyteller’s choice. The spirit then discorporates and escapes.
Failure: The character makes no further progress in consuming the spirit, as it fights to elude consumption.
Success: The character continues to draw the spirit into him.
Exceptional Success: The Duguthim makes significant headway in consuming the spirit.
Upon completion, the Psyche of the Duguthim drops by one automatically. He also gains the benefits and
drawbacks described below.

If the consumed spirit had a higher rank (consider the Duguthim's rank to be one-half his Synthesis rating rounded up) than the Duguthim, the Duguthim’s Synthesis immediately increases by one. Synthesis increases by only one, regardless of the difference between ranks. This increase need not be paid for
with experience points. In consuming the spirit, the Duguthim also consumes some of its ability as well. The Duguthim acquires a single dot in an Influence that the spirit possessed at a higher level than the Duguthim has. This adds to the Duguthim’s dots in that Influence, even if he didn’t have any dots at all in the Influence before. For example, if a Duguthim with Influence (Birds) 3 consumes a spirit who has Influence (Birds) 2, the Duguthim may not take an additional dot of Influence (Birds); he already knows more than the spirit with regard to that Influence. The Duguthim may not exceed the trait maximum imposed by his Synthesis rating (although if his Synthesis now increases to a level that allows a higher level of those traits, he enjoys the benefit of that newly raised Synthesis when deciding which dot of what to acquire). This increase need not be paid for with experience points.
It should be noted that the only benefit to consuming a spirit of lower rank is acquiring an extra dot in an Influence. All of the detriments still apply, however.

As noted prior, when a Duguthim consumes a spirit, his Psyche has the chance of decreasing by one. If the consumed spirit was unrelated to the Duguthim (i.e. a fire elemental consumed by a Duguthim with absolutely no dots in the Influence of Fire), the Psyche loss is automatic. If the Duguthim does have the appropriate Influence, preform a psyche roll to determine if the character looses the dot in Psyche. A second Psyche roll follows any loss in Psyche to check for a derangement (see: Morality loss in the WoD core rulebook) The Duguthim also adds or incorporates the consumed spirit's ban. Either gaining another ban, or merging the spirit's ban with his own. The storyteller is encouraged to determine the exact effects of the ban.

Experience Points Cost Table

Attribute New dots x5
Skill New dots x3
Skill Specialty 3
Aspects New dots x3
Primary Influence New dots x5
Family Influences New dots x6
Non-Family Influences New dots x7
Merit New dots x2
Synthesis New dots x8
Psyche New dots x3


Evolutions are Duguthim that have advanced to another level.

Magath -
Requirements: Two unrelated influences

Paragons – These Duguthim are extensions of their spiritual existence. Their flesh is reshaped to match their spiritual half. They only gain sustenance from the correct resonance. Aspect points are bought at half xp cost.

Shapeshifters (animal)

Mechanics (vehicle)

Compounds – Almost an elemental Magath, Duguthim of this Evolution combine two elemental types into a synergistic fusion. Influence dice pools increase by synergy influence (i.e. Steel & Electricity, Fire & Earth for magma,

Demons -
Requirements: Must have an Influence of at least one Vice.


Succubi – Stealth and Socialize skills are bought at half xp cost. Skill specialties in those skills are bought for 2 xp instead of 3 xp.
Requirements: Must have the Drain Aspect.

Magicians – “Illusionists” on stage.

POWER Intelligence Strength Presence
FINESSE Wits Dexterity Manipulation
RESISTANCE Resolve Stamina Composure

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