Scion: The Heroic

These are just the start of some ideas on how to convert Scion over to the New World of Darkness.
It is barely a good start.
You have been warned.

Some ideas to start with that I gained on the WW forum.

1) Epics don't give extra success, they give extra dice equal to their level (i.e. Epic Strength 1 gives a free extra dice)
2) Arete works in the same way giving only extra dice equal to the level (i.e. Arete 1 gives 1 extra dice) and only re-rolls of dice equal to the level (so Arete 1 gives the ability to re-roll 1 dice from the pool that failed)
3) No Avatars or ultimate Attributes
4) All Boons and Knacks work the same. Although some stats switch and some skills switch, like Perception for Composure that kind of thing
5) Keep the stunt mechanics
6) The list of Virtues you can choose from is now replaced by the Pantheon Virtues, the Vices are replaced by the Dark Virtues (Titan Virtues), but still follow the normal Willpower mechanics of World of Darkness.
7) Legend works exactly like other power stats, same advancement tree, etc.
8) Add new Merits for the Backgrounds of Scion, although each Merit point cost from these should be more expensive than normal Merits to compensate.

Stolen from Thorbes on the WW forum:

Scion to nWoD Conversion

Attributes: Use the same for nWoD. Appearance becomes Presence, Perception is Wits. Add Composure and Resolve. Epic Attributes are limited by their mundane Attribute rating.

Skills: As nWoD

Derived and Other Traits (Speed, Willpower, Defense, Initiative Modifier, Size, Health): As in nWoD. Willpower can be higher than 10.

Legend Stat and Points: As the Power Stat it goes from 1 to 10 now. Legend Pool is 10 times Legend rating. Legend per turn is equal to Legend rating. Legend rating limits Purviews level.

Powers (Purviews, Boons, Epic Attributes and Knacks): There is where the most drastic changes arise:

-Epic Attributes and Knacks: Epic attributes have two main benefits, they add to the rating of the mundane Attribute to form dice pools and to calculate derived traits and add automatic successes to rolls in which that Attribute is primary equal to their rating. Just two considerations, automatic successes from Epic Attributes cannot be added to rolls in which the dice pool involves one skill in which the Scion is not proficient (i.e. doesn´t have any dots) or to those rolls that end up with no successes scored.

Each given Epic Attribute could have other benefits. All of them have associated Knacks which are single powers related to the Attribute and that alter the way it works. Each dot in an Epic Attribute gives one of these Knacks for free, but additional Knacks can be bought with experience.

-Purviews and Boons: Use the rules for Improvised Magic from Mage the Awakening. Rolling Legend + Purview a scion can create any array of effects related to the Purview. Doing so is costly: 1 Legend point per dot of the Purview invoked (so a two dot Purview effect costs two Legend points). Boons work as Rotes more or less, but each Boon has its associated dice pool and cost and fixed Factors. There is no limit to the number of Boons a scion can have for a given Purview level. That’s how All Purpose Purviews work. Special Purviews work as in Scion, for inspiration for Magic Purview spells look at the Fate and Space Arcana (the later for things on sympathy). Pantheon Specific Purviews are more like a series of related innate powers, in a sense they are like Attainments but instead of only 3 there are 10 of them. Arête works as an Epic Attribute but with a Skill, it’s like an Epic Skill without Knacks.

New brainstorm idea:

Most every nWoD splat has some main weakness of some sort that gets worse as their power stat goes up.
Vamps — Blood needs
Werewolves — Essence bleed
Mages — Paradox duration

Scions should have something similar.
I'm thinking something along the lines of "Tragedy".
This is the World of Darkness. Bad things happen. Especially to heroes, their loved ones and innocent bystanders.
I'm a bit iffy on mechanics right now. I'm sure we can incorporate most of the Fate bound stuff.
Perhaps a Dramatic Failure is more severe the higher the characters Legend.
Perhaps a Tragedy occurs if the player tries for extra dice on a Stunt that fails or doesn't achieve more successes than specified on the Legend table.
Maybe both?

Just an idea to think about.

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